Kelsey Walling

Photo by Kendall Walling.

Kelsey Walling is a photographer, editor and videographer currently working as a staff photographer for the Galveston County Daily News in Galveston, Texas. She previously worked as assistant director of photography at the Columbia Missourian where she was also a staff photographer, editor and reporter. Kelsey graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and the School of Arts and Science in Photojournalism and Psychology, respectively. 

Kelsey attended the 70th Missouri Photo Workshop in 2018 and her work has been recognized by the Texas Associated Press Media Editors.

A note from Kelsey: There is nothing I value more than the importance of human connection. Photojournalism has allowed me to have a front row seat to some incredible, genuine moments in time and I strive to accurately portray those moments. The laughter between family, the excitement of a three-pointer and the emotions after loss. Honesty is my intention with photography. If someone can look at a photo and feel the reality of the situation, then I know I have made an image.

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